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The Making of the Eon Collection

The Making of the Eon Collection


The Eon Collection was inspired and created by using Batik¬†- a Javanese technique of wax-resist dyeing that originated in Indonesia. Batik is traditionally made by using melted wax to draw dots and lines on fabrics with a spouted tool called a canting, or with a copper stamp called a cap. The wax creates a ‚Äúresist,‚ÄĚ making it possible to dye only select parts of the fabric, producing intricate and colorful patterns.

To create the Eon Collection, co-founder Rachel Cope brought a new approach to this traditional technique. Rather than drawing patterns directly onto the fabric, she developed a method of working organically with the qualities of the wax. She began by hand coating sheets of silk with multiple layers of hot wax, allowing it to harden and cool to create a surface that she could then crack, fold and rub to create gradients and fissures. This cloth was then dyed and heated, allowing the wax to melt away to reveal a complex network of contrasting colors.

In creating the Eon Collection, Rachel introduced a fluidity to the traditional Batik practice, using layering to produce a depth of texture that suggests the weatherings of time.


Photography by Lauren Coleman